Cannes Cannes Curiosity - Coconut Oil?

I was catching up on blogs earlier this week and found a very cool recipe for holiday spice cookies using coconut oil instead of butter from Alt-Mama.  Just like my search for molasses, I was determined to find coconut oil in France and the organic grocery store biocoop did not disappoint!

Check it out:

I'm not sure if I'm in the mood for holiday cookies since I was kind of cookied out during my American xmas vacation, but I'm thinking that I can experiment and try using it in one of my many muffin creations?? What do you think? Alt-Mama, any thoughts?

Also, can I please just tell you how amazing biocoop is? I'd never been to their gigantic store (ok, gigantic for Paris standards) on avenue Philippe Auguste and I can now say that it is trop bien.  I spent an hour just admiring all of the fun food choices and imaging future dinners in my head.  I came away with an Ayurvedic tea, some flaxseed, organic soy sauce and the coconut oil.  I did spend a pretty penny on that coconut oil (over 10 Euros! Don't tell Copain!), but if it's amazing, I think my muffins are worth it, don't you? :-)

I'll keep you posted with whatever I come up with using my new muffin ingredient! Until then, peace out mes amis.

Ps - if you want to check out the big, amazing biocoop in the 11th, here is the address:
114, avenue Philippe Auguste
75011 Paris

There are other biocoop stores all over France, but this was the largest organic food store I had ever been too - do I just not get out enough??


  1. You need to talk to your seester about the amazing multi-purpose qualities of this! Perhaps you will want one to keep alongside of your new Clarins products also! No.....I'm not kidding!

  2. really? I'm still in the dark on the amazingness of coconut oil, but I have a jar in my cupboard just waiting to be discovered :-) What do YOU know about coconut oil that you're not telling us???

  3. Oooo I wanna go to Biocoop! On the Paris checklist for sure.

    Okay, coconut oil: I definitely encourage you to read up on this stuff. Cherie Calbom, who's known for her juicing prowess, has written extensively about its charms, and health benefits. In short, its fatty acid chains can't be absorbed by the human digestive system, so it's often touted as a weight-loss aid, without any sketchy chemical sides (and with health-boosting bonuses, though I don't recall all the deets on those). But, it's controversial; some studies have shown that Americans who eat more coconut oil die of more heart attacks. I'm guessing they're not eating virgin coconut oil in the context of real-food cooking, though... and American heart attacks are kind of a dime a dozen. So, in my cursory research, this oil's pros (and proponents) outweigh its cons (and naysayers). And while I certainly recognize that butter is perhaps in the French tradition (which I wholly respect and admire) irreplaceable in baked goods, I like to experiment with substitutes, just for the fun of it. Looking forward to reading what you all come up with as you do the same! Enjoy the cookies. :-)

    Thanks for linking to me, French Cannes Cannes! xo

  4. Oh and ps-- Yes, coconut oil is wonderful as an all-purpose skin and hair product. Go forth and slather!


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