Presque Française (Almost French)

11pm French time, 5pm Virginia time:

"Hello, FBIcustomerservicehowmayIhelpyou?"

"Hi, I'm calling because I sent through my second request for a criminal record report at the end of October and I'm very concerned because I have not received it yet. I need it urgently to complete my request for French nationality."

"Ok, let me try to look it up in our system...What's your last name M'am?" ...

(30 seconds later)

"Yes, I see that we received it on November 2 and it is currently being processed. Now our normal process time is 8 to 10 weeks so it should be sent to you shortly."

"That is wonderful! Thanks for your help!"

9am French time:

"Bonjour, can I please speak with Madame WorkingOnMyFileAtThePrefecture ?"

"Oui, please hold."


"Yes, Bonjour Madame WorkingOnMyFileAtThePrefecture? I am calling to let you know that after our interview in October I sent a second request to the FBI for my criminal record report - remember how mine was older than three months and you needed a new one just in case I had commited a crime in the United States during that time? Well, they have received my request and are currently processing it.  They should send through a response by the end of January. I know it has been a long time and I wanted you to know that the document will be sent to you shortly."

"You are the Américaine?"


"From Cannes?"

"Oui, that is me, the Américaine from Cannes."

"Oh, pas de soucis! no worries! I already sent your file to be considered...you don't need to send me another criminal record report. C'est bon."

"C'est bon?"

"Oui, c'est bon."

So I guess...c'est bon. Presque française....

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