Watch for Falling Rock

My friend Sunny Life's recent blog about Olivia Fig Newton reminded me of a similar experience I had as a kid growing up that I recently relived with my family...here below is my Dad's favorite rendition of the story of Falling Rock best recounted on car rides to camping trips particularly when taking the mountain routes:

Once upon a time there was an Indian Chief and his daughter the Princess.  It was time for the Princess to marry and the Chief wanted to find her a suitable husband. He gathered the two elligible young men in the tribe - Little Bear and Falling Rock and told them that whoever returned from their hunt with the largest kill would win his daughter's hand. 

Both Little Bear and Falling Rock set off on their hunt while the Chief and his daughter awaited their return.  Weeks passed but eventually Little Bear returned proudly with a large deer slung over his shoulder.  The Chief was impressed but as he promised decided to wait to see what Falling Rock brought back before declaring a winner.

Time went on with no sign of Falling Rock, forcing the Chief to award his daughter's hand in marriage to Little Bear.  Falling Rock never did return, but from that day forward the Chief put signs all over the land  with hopes of finding Falling Rock and returning him to their tribe. 

So now you know why, when taking the mountain roads, you always see "Watch for Falling Rock."

I didn't realize that this story was a pile of doohicky until I was 18!!!!!!!!!! (which I am not proud to admit but it does add to the hilarity of it all).

Thanks Dad - and don't worry, we'll go snipe hunting next time I'm home.

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