FrenchCannesCannes Goes to Paris

Long story short:

Girl is ready to begin actual career path.
Girl looks for new job.
Girl finds job in Paris - city of her dreams.
(lots of angst)
Girl gets offered job.
Girl jumps up and down with excitement.
Girl is now in Paris looking for apartments.

Though let's not forget the part about quitting her job with no signed contract on the other end and all of the additional angst and stress THAT caused.  Fortunately, it did show up in her inbox at 9pm on her very last day of work.

Recap of first three days in Paris:

First visit: in the 15th, had to walk through a scary tunnel, fish store and discount shopping center before arriving at apartment. Bad hood. Buzzed the wrong floor - four people waiting for a visit. Climb to fourth floor only to find no landlord despite the fact that HE had organized this visit. Lame. long walk for nothing but a visit to a bad neighborhood.
Verdict: Bah. No loss here.

Second visit: walked through the beautiful Marais and up to Republique - lively, fun, love love love. Passed restaurant where Copain took me for dinner for the first time in Paris - Chez Jenny (ahh romantic pause).  Continued to Rue Faubourg du Temple. Suddenly I'm not in Kansas anymore...dirty, icky, crowded, maybe not a safe place to walk at night. Am scared. My high hopes for the apartment crumble. Benefit of the doubt - continue the visit. Nicest couple ever live here. But they are nuts. Small, low ceilings, badly insulated, kitchen is a joke. Bathroom is a DISASTER.  Copain would die. I would die right after him. We would have a grave at Pere Lachaise right next to Jim Morrison.
Verdict: Nice couple, but hell no. Am running in the other direction

The toilet (and shower!!)

Must go for dinner - St Michel! We find old Paris with an improvised cabaret dinnner! singing, live piano, dancing! Edith Piaf must have lived here because her old fans have taken over the joint! am in love. This is why I love Paris.....

Sunday: rain rain rain. Go for a walk with C who is letting me stay at her house in Issy les Moulineaux. Get followed by a man who forgot to zip his zipper AND forgot to put on underwear. We freak. We go home. Will not go for a walk here again. C makes amazing dinner - maybe I should just stay here forever.

Monday: good coffee but rain rain rain. Have two visits today - wish me luck.

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  1. Debo...no doubt in my mind you will find the perfect place just in time! You have great luck so just go with the flow! Biz, Sunny Life


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