30 Days of Lists

Now that I'm back in the blogosphere (what happened to me for two full months? - yeah, I'm still figuring that one out myself), I have been clicking around my neglected blog list "Read This!" and have found some stuff that is très intéressant...


I'm particularly intrigued by 30 Days of Lists - a collaboration between Kam of Campfire ChicAmy of Lemon and Raspberry and Justine of A New Beginning

Sounds cool right? I may just have to try it...it sounds like the perfect way to jump back into the blog without completely overwhelming myself (which may be one of the reasons I had to peace out for two months...hmmm).  I feel like I can definitely handle one list per day since I'm such a list freak to begin with (Type A confessional here).  

Yes, I actually enjoy making lists - compartmentalizing my life...gives me a sense of I've got it togetherness. I get that this challenge is more of a prompt for creative expression and journaling than a list for the grocery store or the To Dos of the week, but I have a feeling it will give me the same feeling of happiness that any organizational list generally does. 

Can I really stick to 30 days of lists? We shall certainly see mes amis...now I just need to figure out the ins and outs of how this challenge works - care to join me?? 


  1. yay!
    All you need to do every morning.... Come by the blog and get the prompt.
    Of course, it's morning MY time ... so, early afternoon your time :)
    thanks for the write up!

  2. I am also anticipating doing this! I cant wait


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