Alors, C'était Comment Samedi???

Saturday night was super chouette - just as I had predicted!

Even though it was my second time seeing How to Become a Parisian in One Hour, Olivier Giraud did not disappoint!  I was a tad worried about taking three full-blown Ricains (Amuuuu-ricains!) to see a show that pokes A LOT of fun at the Anglophones and the Americans in particular. But they took it all in stride and even admitted to making every single one of the touristy faux pas Olivier demonstrated.

Hilarity - pure hilarity.

Copain (the full-blown Frenchie), having just returned from a 6-month séjour in the US of A, was loving the entire display...and he fully admitted to wanting the cadeau (present) that Olivier Giraud promised the last volunteer of the night - just as Monsieur Giraud predicted of all of the Frenchies in the room!

Something free?! Oh oui! 

Les Bonnes Soeurs was next up on the agenda - a quaint little restaurant on Rue du Pas de la Mule. Service in English for my Ricains - cosy ambiance - my only critique would be having a menu that is too varied: lamb or wok? hamburger or magret de canard? It made choosing rough times! However, everyone was très content with their dish and I have only amazing things to say about the moelleux au chocolat that I got for dessert!

Alors, samedi- c'était très chouette - mais oui :-)

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