La Dix-Huitième Liste

Back from her weekend break ladies and gentlemen, it's French Cannes Cannes and list number 18! Come on down......

List 18 - Road Trip Must Haves...

- sing out loud music (Wicked, Rent and the like!)
-FOOD (preferably chips)
-sandals (so I can easily take my shoes off and prop my feet on the dashboard)
-travel pillow (so that when I pass out from my dramamine, I have somewhere to lay my head other than the window)
-which reminds me, Dramamine - and lots of it
-comfy pants
-if you're my mom, gallons and gallons of water. with ice.
-a good knowledge of McDs or Starbucks along the way - for pit stops (and coffee if it's a cold day)
-a pashmina scarf (cosy) and can double as a faux blanket if need be

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