La Vingtième Liste

List 20 : Things to do this Spring

-sit in parks
-wear sandals (finally!!)
-buy my ticket HOME!!!
-see Jojo B. Wild, who is apparently coming to Pareeeee
-buy new dresses (in anticipation for swamp ass Paris summer)
-go to the gym and actually sweat
-shave my legs (hahahahahahaha..shhhhh)
-wear bright toe nail polish (i've been sticking to the pale pink or You Don't Know Jacques tones)
-enjoy having a skin tone again
-Spring cleaning! - out with the coats, in the with trenches - out with the boots, in with the ballerinas
-buy Picard frozen melon balls (oh for the love of frozen melon balls...I can't wait for a day hot enough that  I have a good excuse to buy them!...in Paris I may be waiting until summer...)

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