Blogging for Papasan

My poor hyper-active Papasan - he had back surgery yesterday and is now on lockdown for the next 6-ish weeks (if I've understood correctly).  He cannot run, jump, twist, bend or lift more than 10 pounds.

Papasan jumping

Now for most people that would sound like a little mini-vacay - camp out in front of the TV, load up on old Blockbusters, make yummy meals and basically veg until things heal as they should.  But for my father, who borders on ADD at various periods of the day, this is complete and utter torture.

We've all tried to help him see the bright side, but for a man who is already retired and who still chooses to go on daily walks up large mountains in our community as well as cut down trees and re-build the backyard terrace, I'm not so sure our positive thinking has sunk in.

My dad likes to say things like - Hey FCC, wanna help me wash the car?! In most of my childhood memories, my dad is in the garage, wearing running shorts, running shoes and a sweaty chest (he has recently taken to wearing shirts). The oldies are playing on his fuzzy radio and he normally has a hose or a "wash rag" in his hand...the wash rag being some old, torn up piece of clothing that we grew out of, now used for changing the oil and drying the car.

My dad likes to run down to Osh and the Home Depot to pick up cans of oil and missing parts and recently, bags of seeds for his vegetable garden.  He then has a little chat with the cashier and if you didn't know the truth, you would think they've been buds for years.

My Dad picking cherries in Albi

My dad likes to think about dinner before he's even had breakfast - an obsession that drives my mom crazy.  She is still on coffee and my dad has already whipped together a shopping list for his grilled baby veggies, BBQ chicken and wild rice.  He may pick up a bottle of Pinot Grigio (for my mom) and another Bordeaux (for himself) at Trader Joes while he's out in town.

While out, my dad is mentally planning his next hunting or fishing trip - taking notes about the right ammunition and fishing line to buy. He's planning the route, the meals, the hunting licenses...

My Dad swimming on the Cinque Terre

My dad finishes his day in front of the TV. I would too if I spent my entire day running around getting things done and walking up mountains for no other reason than for exercise. Since he likes to watch the TV on the setting of EXTRA LOUD, he has taken to wearing wireless headphones which bring peace to the household and smile to my mom's face.  She doesn't even mind that she has to get up and sign to him if there's something to say.

the almighty headphones

My dad generally conks out in front of the TV - head falling back, headphones on - and when he jolts himself awake, as he almost always does, he kisses my mom,  pads down the hallway and crawls into bed.  Soon, he is sawing logs and we can usually hear him all the way into the living room.

So, you can see how this is going to be a challenge for him - all this sitting around, doing nothing, waiting for his back to heal.

Perhaps there are some hunting and fishing blogs I can turn him onto? An Etsy site for homemade gun holders and freshwater bait and tackle?  What can my ADD Papasan do?

Some brainstorming I've done so far:
-organize his tackle box
-clean his hunting rifles (he lives in America if you didn't already figure that out)
-plan his next vacation
-help my mom plan HER next vacation
-cook up some new recipes from the WW cook book (my dad makes his own pizza crust, tortillas, nan...)
-read a book
-learn to type (he's a hunter and pecker)
-start learning French!!
-write his speech for my brother's upcoming wedding
-go through his closet and take old clothes to the Good Will
-go through the kitchen cabinets and organize/throw out as needed
-scan all of our baby photos onto the computer
-scan all of HIS baby photos onto the computer
-write a memoir or at least memories of his childhood...I would love to have those someday
-I'm still thinking....


  1. I feel bad for him, it must be very hard... Maybe he can start a blog?
    Another suggestion, something I did when I had my diabete problem: he can note down all the things he would like to do when he gets better, this way he doesn't miss a thing.
    But maybe it will be "a blessing in desguise" and he will learn that by being less active he can do other things more, like sitting down and talking with his wife, reading, calling back old friends, anything...
    Good luck for him anyway!

  2. if only he could type! hahaha (he does the hunt and peck method...very popular with the Frenchies :-) You are right though, this may be a blessing in disguise!


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