Paris Eats - Mexican Style

I'm always on the hunt for a decent Mexican restaurant in France and I **may** have found one!  Now, the selection is very small (you can pretty much just choose between a burrito or nachos) BUT the food is good, the ambiance is warm and festive and they do have Coronas if you are willing to spend 5.50 Euros (and they'll even serve it with a lime).

Here is how it went down:

Mexi & Co - located in the 5th on rue Dante

Our (very tasty) guacamole appetizer

Our main dishes - I had a chicken burrito, Copain had a beef burrito

The guac was GREAT, the burritos were tasty, the rice was blah.  Thankfully they didn't try to serve beans which Frenchies can never seem to get right (they just don't get the refried beans thing).  Better not to try - so thumbs up to Mexi&Co to know better.  I was stoked that they offered Coronos with limes BUT I was not stoked about the price - for a mini one.  We tried to order a draft beer but they were out (next time I would try again and just add a lime - I can pretend it's a Corona.)

The service was good, the chips were salty, it was FULL of people and they have a small terrace.  The price was right too - only about 9 Euros for the plate.  They didn't have a machine to take credit cards or carte bleue, so bring cash!  

Bon appétit!

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