Cuisine de Cannes Cannes - Spécialité: Foire de Paris Tacos

Copain recently went to La Foire de Paris,  a gigantic exposition at the Porte de Versailles where you can buy everything, from the latest in plant fertilizer to super cool ice cube trays.  Belle Mère and Beau Père went there last year and this year they got free tickets - which they promptly sent to us since we live in Paris and could actually go.

I wasn't a big fan of walking around an enormous exposition hall with lots of other people (I hate crowds), so Copain went on his own.  But my whole Foire outlook changed when he sent me this text:

I found a mexican place that sells real mexican products. Wheat or corn tortillas?

Then I got this one:
I bought 8 corn tortillas - one green and one chipotle sauce?

Then I got this MMS:

Which of course meant - tacos for dinner!!

Bienvenue Chez FrenchCannesCannes - Spécialité: Foire de Paris Tacos 

I'm a salsa verde fan if you couldn't tell already

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