Paris (whatever you do, DO NOT) Eats - Fête de la Musique Style!

Tonight is the Fête de la Musique - my sixth 21st of June in France, my second in Paris.  Last year Copain and I spent the Fête meandering the streets of the 11th, 3rd and 4th arrondissements, enjoying the sights and sounds as we passed by.

This year, however, I'm a lazy bum. On my couch. Reading blogs, watching YouTube, checking out new photos on Facebook. Nothing I'm proud of, but it's all I could manage tonight. (and I may or may not have gotten some mint n' chip ice cream at Picard to keep me company).

While I listened to horrible Frenchie covers of Roxanne and Highway to Hell from the big talents in front of the dive bar across the street, Copain thankfully went out with un ami and sent me some MMS gems that would be a downright crime not to share.

I'm never against a big pile of fries...but let's zoom in shall we?

Take note of the sweaty gleam of this Monsieur's forehead and...hands??!!!
 Run for the anti-bacterial gel people!

Copain's ami was brave enough to get a sandwich, only I guess he got the Fête de la Musique Special -

which strangely looks like poop in a baguette n'est pas?

Needless to say, faites-attention - it's dangerous out there people - maybe pack a snack pack to go instead?


  1. Oh la la, looking at these pictures I don't regret I stayed home tonight! Just like you: "hanging around" on the Internet instead of outside in the streets...

  2. I know - dégeu! At first I felt like a dork - it's la Fête only once a year! But eh, tant pis, I needed to chill :-)


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