Air Tahiti Nui - mais oui!

Two things you may not know about me:

A. I hate buying plane tickets.
B. I'm pretty sure I'm going to die everytime I fly.

So when I finally got up the motivation to find a flight home to visit ma famille this summer, I was pretty impressed with myself that:

A. It only took me about 30 minutes to make a decision.
B. I bought a ticket from an airline that I had never heard of and was therefore pretty sure I was going to die on the flight.

Imagine my surprise when I apprehensively boarded Air Tahiti Nui and was welcomed with tropical music, flight attendants in flowing pink/flowery dresses and orchids tucked behind their ears (for the ladies), blue/flowery button-ups (for the not-unattractive men), and the following little touches that now make me an Air Tahiti Nui believer:

Stickers to let the flight attendants know whether or not they should wake you up for meals or for the duty free...there were also socks, and eye mask, ear plugs and a handy wipe in the welcome pack.

A menu in English and in French to let you know what will be served on the flight - fancy n'est pas?

Tahiti theme all the way through - tropical chairs!

En plus, champagne was served -even in Economy- fun snacks and drinks were available in the galley inbetween meals AND right before landing they came by with little candies for everyone.  On top of that, they had air freshener in the bathroom and a basket of individual hand wipes - you know how I feel about a good bathroom. Two enthusiastic thumbs up right?

My only complaint - though everyone had an individual TV, you could only watch movies on one showing cycle. You had to wait for the movie to end to be able to watch a new one. Boo. I had to keep myself entertained with digital solitaire and Glamour  magazines.

Other than that - Air Tahiti Nui people - I'm all over it.

Oh AND it was a direct flight - schwing!

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  1. I want to go to Amercia! I want to travel on Air Tahiti Nui! I want to be welcomed by non-unattractive guys and eat fun snacks!

    Have a great trip and enjoy your family!!!


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