Paris Eats - Columbian Style (ah-mazing guacamole!)

A Venezuelan friend recently recommended a Columbian restaurant to Copain and we have been looking forward to trying it for the past two weeks.  Well, last night was the night!

After a day of French sales - the famous twice-a-year soldes - we had worked up a serious appetite. We didn't actually get to the restaurant, Mi Ranchito Paisa, until 10.30pm and we didn't actually eat until 10.45, so when the food came we were so excited to taste test this cuisine that was nouveau to us both. The yummy smells coming from the kitchen were ah-mazing.

I ordered a main dish that had "un peu de tout"- a little bit of everything- as the waitress told me.

Copain ordered a dish with pork, beef and some tasty beans...

We pretty much devoured our food - the guacamole gets two enthusiastic thumbs up as does the marinated beef.  My only critique is that some of it was very greasy - the pork was fried and so were the plantation bananas - but they were soooo good. On top of the good food was friendly service, fun music and ambiance - which for me is obligatoire for a good night out.

En plus, we heard more Spanish speakers around us than French speakers. You know what they say about Chinese restaurants - go where the Chinese go! So we felt like we'd made the right choice as we ate amongst the Columbian expats (and probably a few well-informed tourists).

Final bill for two very copious main dishes and a glass of red (pour moi!) - 38.50 Euros.  It's a little more than we would normally spend for just main dishes and only one glass of wine (we were too full for dessert, however my neighb's fruit salad looked to die for), but it was worth it. And, since you know how important I think les toilettes are, I checked those out too - nice and clean :-)

Copain and I are now on an international cuisine roll - we're trying to decide which country should be next!

Mi Ranchito Paisa
35 rue Montholon
75009 Paris
Metro: Cadet
Tel: 01 48 78 45 94

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  1. If you guys want to travel to Japan, I recommand you try this one:
    Aki, 11 bis rue Saint Anne Paris 2 (metro Pyramide).
    They have my favorite: okonomiyaki (kind of Japanese crèpe) - go to my post "My dream day of shopping" for picture, but you can have other fun Japanese meals. Not expensive, not pretentious, and approved by ALL my Japanese students.
    PS: If you go on Friday or Saturday, expect a crowd in front of the restaurant.
    PS2: If you are lucky, you can sit in the room downstairs and face the cook in action.


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