The Beauty Shower Party

I was walking down Boulevard Voltaire, noticing all of the nail salons and coiffeurs today, when BAM!

An American tradition, the beauty Shower Party is the only event dedicated to all mommies to be!

A few thoughts on the Beauty Shower Party existence in France:

1. French women do not have baby showers.  Nor do they have bridal showers. If you told them that in America we have baby showers, they might think you actually get together to give the baby a shower.  

2. Just because the salon has declared this Beauty Shower Party "an American tradition" does not mean that the French will think it's a good idea (they never did catch on to that whole cheese in a can thing, now did they?).

3. If you are going to bring a new "hip" American thing to France, I encourage you to please A: get the name right, B: then give the Americans credit (just like you did with the cupcake and the doughnut).

Merci and goodnight.

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