Paris Eats - Le Bar à Soupes

My Anglo peeps were in Paris last week and on top of using expressions like "who needs to use the loo?" and "that's brilliant!", we also got to eat a delicious déjeuner d'automne...

It was one of those days when fall is in air but it's not too chilly yet.  We'd also eaten a huge dinner the night before and something simple and warm sounded just right. What better than a bowl of soupe?

I'd seen a soup place, called Le Bar à Soupes, in my neighborhood but had never been, so we decided to stop in and see how it looked.  One look at the pots of piping hot soup (about 4-5 hot and 2 cold to choose from) and we were sold!

Brit from the Lake District got lentilles epinards (lentil and spinach soup):

Brit from the town of Devon got provençal (tomato and veggie, provencal style soup):

And the American (moi!) got potimarron (a kind of squash/pumpkin soup):

We all got petit pain to eat along with our soup and I decided to also get fromage:

It was exactly what the doctor ordered, and while my meal was more expensive with the yummy cheese and iced tea (about 9 Euros), my friends ate for under 6 Euros each.  We were full and happy after our little soup adventure too.  The staff was incredibly kind and bilingual and happy to see us! Score for everyone!

(also, the bathroom was clean and nice - parfait)

I know that the weather is warm in Paris this week but when it starts to get colder and you need to warm up, go to Le Bar à Soupes! (They do eat in and take away!)

Le Bar à Soupes
33 rue de Charonne
75011 Paris
Tel: 01 43 57 53 79
web: www.lebarasoupes.com

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