Remembering 9/11, Across the Atlantic

Sitting in my Parisian apartment, I feel far from other Americans today...

I remember waking up to my mom on the phone with my dad - he used to drive to work in Los Angeles at 5am and upon arrival at the police station, the first plane hit.

I sat in front of the TV in my oversize pajama t-shirt, and we watched in horror as we realized along with the newscasters that we weren't watching re-runs, we were watching a second plane crash.

I remember my French friend from Avignon emailing to make sure my family and friends were ok. While NY was far from my house in the suburbs of California, for my friend, all Americans were in danger that day. It could have been anyone.

So as I sit here in my little apartment, on the other side of the Atlantic, I send a wish into the universe for the future of the world - a future full of hope, the desire to understand, tolerance and ultimately, acceptance.

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