Dr Pepper Does Paris

Cruisin' along at Lafayette Maison, looking for a food steamer with Copain, when BAM! Check it out! 
DR PEPPER in all its forms! Regular, Cherry, Diet...do they even make Cherry Dr Pepper in the states?


  1. Oh my goodness! I think we do have cherry DP here but it's oh-so hard to find (as is diet DP!).

    P.S. I thought of you when I made a peanut butter ball this weekend (peanut butter + basically sugar - um, yum) : ) I have to say I've stolen your "I'm just going to bring a tub of PB and a spoon for my snack" trick in casual meetings, conferences etc. as of late ; )

  2. I saw your pb ball and cute new cut! Love! The pb and a spoon is an old fave... I can't believe I used to just keep a jar in my backpack in college... Hahaha!!

  3. I so still have that image in my head! Love it!


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