Hipster Heaven

I found this link on another one of the blogs I love (thank you Amy!) - you have to have to have to go and check out Verbal Vomit by Hannah Hillam, especially the posts on How to Be a Hipster -chapters 1, 2 and 3 - HILARIOUS.

After reading Hannah's post, I took a walk through the Marais, holy hipsters batman! The Marais = Hipster Heaven.  It's ah-mazing. I can't NOT see them now.

I think this is what the French would call a Bobo - bourgeois/bohemian - the kind of folks who manage to spend 80 Euros on a shirt that looks like it came from the Goodwill (or rather, Emmaüs, if you are français). This New York Times article sums it up well, and even though it was published in the year 2000, the Bobos are still a thriving breed here in gay Pareee. They've even started affecting the real estate market in France according to this article...

Merci Hannah, spectacular posts.

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