Lunettes for Cannes Cannes

After seven years in France and seven years of French health insurance, I finally threw in the towel and got some French prescription glasses.

Every year before 2011, I've gone to Costco during my trips home and gotten a brand new pair of lunettes for under 100 dollars (yes! only 100 dollars people!) - guess how much these new puppies were? Yeah, well, let's just say it used up my entire insurance coverage for glasses this year...

Good ol' Fabrice at Les Opticiens du Marais hooked me up with my new and improved specs! Check them out:

They are made by Cutler and Gross of London (ok, ok, I got English glasses...) and they look nothing like any prescription glasses I've had before...and also strangely a lot like the faux glasses I requested for Christmas '92 and then wore all Christmas morning while opening my presents.  hmmm

Fabrice, my opticien bff suggested them, and after about 10 minutes of pondering my face in the mirror, I went with it.  Copain was on board too. Voila - the new (non-Costco lunette-faced) me! 

I feel ever so Parisienne with my new specs...

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