Oh La La! J'adore...

Copain and I have been choosing new fruits at the market and making tasty desserts after dinner - here is a shot of our figs and persimmons - AT I thought of you! (how funny that when I went to link to your blog, you had also posted your fave kaki! haha)

My Moom sent me an entire bag of candy corns (plus some amazing leggings!). Note that this is a VALUE BAG people - that means there's a lot :-) yes, my Moom is fabuleuse.

I was doing my grocery shopping a few nights ago and check out what I found! Speculoos pudding! (sadly, it was not as good as I thought it would be...but it was fun to find).

I decided to branch out in the grain department of life and bought a bag of barley, millet and buckwheat. Here is my attempt at barley "risotto" - not bad if I do say so myself! (I added onions and garlic for flavor and then did all of the normal risotto stuff. I wanted to add mushrooms, but I didn't have any :-(

I'd like to take a moment to thank the lovely people over at Revlon for making nail polish that lasts five days without chipping. Merci Revlon, you rock my world. 


  1. Just wait till you try the newest product stateside! Gel Perfect....tres bien! So durable even I can wear it for over a week without it chipping! Love it and already turned Your Aunt onto it!!! Really I AM the Product Queen!! Hahahaha!

  2. Ah ah! I'm just reading this now! Thanks for the link! I've been eating a few kakis lately and thought that they were not all good unfortunately... I hope yours was a good one :)

    I have to try Revlon's nailpolish, I never did.

    Candycorn: delicious. Have you tried the Carambars goût nougat? It's a similar taste I think.

    Oh, and I love your friend's idea for the sink in the toilet, you are right: genius!


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