American Freak Flag - Starbucks Style

I couldn't help myself. On Sunday, I totally flew my American freak flag and not only purchased Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee beans (happiness in a bag!), but also bought a tall latte and proceeded to walk around Paris drinking it. outside. in a to-go cup.  La honte!  

For you Americans this doesn't seem weird at all. But let me tell you how many Frenchies walk around with Starbucks to-go cups in hand: ZERO.  Carrying a Starbucks cup is like wearing a neon sign that says, "Why hello there! I'm a foreigner!". Perhaps I should have just worn an American flag cape with sparkles on it, you know, to blend in a bit better.


  1. Start the trend FCC! I think French are a little "coincés "on things like that!

    I saw that they have a hot chocolate with caramel salé, I have to try it (I don't drink coffee). Anyway, I love Starbucks and I hope it will never become too French...

  2. hahahaha! I couldn't believe I was doing it - I tried to sit down but there were no free spots. So, out into the streets I went! I'll make it a monthly habit, just for you haha :-) Let me know about the chocolate with caramel salé - trop bon :-)

  3. Love this! Sooo funny!!

  4. Ah ah! Great! I'll try to follow the trend! have a great day with your "red lips":)


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