Halloween in Paris

I'm pretty sure this was for the expats in town...Marché des Enfants Rouge

Copain and I were invited to a Halloween party - bloody finger appetizers!

Monster Munch chips!

Very chic décor

A finger in the humus, complete with finger nail....spooky

October 31st, 6pm: Frenchies waiting in line at the only costume shop in the Marais...I'm assuming they'd never been taught how to create a costume from things at home (or to plan ahead).

You couldn't pay me to wait in this line!

Like I said... it was a very long line...

Now that I think about it, I should have sold them my bright (Halloween) ideas: 
  • Black trash bag with arm holes cut out plus black leggings = raisin
  • White sheet with eye holes cut out = ghost
  • Leggings, men's underwear on top plus sheet cape plus aluminum arm bands = super hero

I guess I missed my calling this Halloween...


  1. It looks like it was a great party and a lot of fun! So some people do party for halloween in Paris... Oh la la the line in front of the costume store would have driven me absolutely crazy, especially these days :)

  2. I know! the line was so nuts! I couldn't believe that people were ACTUALLY waiting for hours to BUY a costume! Where's their creativity???


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