Dans les Rues de Paris - The French Burger

I recently read this blog about bad French ads.   Hilarious. I even saw the Williams gel ad over the weekend in Strasbourg - seriously??? is all that comes to mind.

On my way home today I saw this gem and immediately felt the need to document the "Whaaaaa???" feeling I got when I saw it. Granted, it's not on par with Williams boob man, but still... I don't get it.


I showed the photo to Copain, hoping for some insight.  Maybe I just was looking past something. Is there some connection with the term French fries? Copain looked at me like I was stupid (maybe he was roasted?) and then proceeded to explain that Tony Parker is French but lives in the US, so when he comes to France, this is his French burger of choice. But wouldn't this only work if we called burgers, "American Burgers"? Change American to French for a little play on words / location / connection to a country? I'm at a loss. Maybe there's roquefort cheese and foie gras on that burger... making it unquestionably French? 

Désolée Tony...je ne comprends pas.

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