Allez-y Belles Bananes!

It was a marché morning for me and Copain.  

4 kilos of pears
2 kilos of clementines
2 kilos of onions
Lots of potatoes
1 kilo of carrots
3 pineapples
6 zucchinis
3 persimmons (kaki!)
2 heads of lettuce
1 bunch of coriander

...and 5 belles bananes!!

The guy selling us all of our wonderful goodness kept yelling at the marché-goers...Allez-y belles bananes! Allez-y belles bananes! Come on! Beautiful bananas! Go ahead! Beautiful bananas! We tried to order our clementines with a straight face, but Copain couldn't take it anymore.  He burst out laughing as we paid 2.50 for our marché loot.  Then, for the entire marché morning, I got to listen to Copain's impression of the stand holder...

Allez-y! Belles Bananes!!
Allez-y! Belles Bananes!!

That guy should definitely go into marketing - we've been singing his jingle allllll day.

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