4 Baby Girls

There's a baby boom in the land of FCC - in under two months, my friends from around the globe have given birth to FOUR baby girls.

1. 100% American couple from California gave birth to Lily in December.
2. 50% French, 50% American couple from New York gave birth to Mathilde on the same day.
3. 50% French, 50% English couple from Caen just gave birth to Joanna on February 3rd.
4. 100% French couple from Paris are due in two weeks with a yet-to-be-named baby girl.

Lily, Mathilde, Joanna and soon-to-be-born Baby Girl - crazy non?

Copain and I did some massive baby shopping at BHV on Saturday so that we could shower gifts on the new mamans and papas, which was of course followed by massive baby gift wrapping:

Our Frenchie friends (who live right down the the street!) also got some babysitting gift certificates :-)

It's so bizarre when your friends become parents !  It will be interesting to see how each little girl grows up with their various nationalities and homes in different parts of the world. Will the Americans know how to pronounce Mathilde? Will Joanna grow up speaking English too? It's fascinating don't you think?!

Here's to the four new healthy, happy baby girls that are now a part of our world...Félicitations mes amis!


  1. Why does this bring tears to my eyes? Babies bring such joy! Xoxo

  2. Welcome to the babies!
    Wow, I think the best gift is the "bon de babysitting" *-*

    Mathilde is one of my favorite names ever... had our baby been a girl, it would definitely have been on my top 5 list.

    PS: don't worry, I KNOW you and Copain will be perfect parents!

    Have fun in Toulouse!


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