Merde Alors!

Is it just me or have Parisian dogs gotten the gastro? 

On my way to work today, walking down rue du Quatre Fils, I ran into - wait for it -


In addition to the merde, was the rain, which had managed to spread it around the various bits of quasi-sidewalk that make up the Marais. There was the smeared bit near rue des Archives, the little turd that was hiding behind the post - what a stinker! That's right, I said stinker. There was the bit that was smashed into the grill around the tree, disguised as mud, and there was the plippity-plog merde that went on here and there, halfway down the road. Indecisive doggie n'est pas.

I almost stopped to take a photo as proof, but thought better of it. Instead, I found this website, which documents Parisian doggie merde from 2003 onward. You're welcome. 

According to Paris.fr, picking up les déjections canines has been obligatory since 2002, so, where is the doggie merde police, you may be asking yourself. After this morning's promenade, I have come to the conclusion that they were on a coffee break most of yesterday, plus all of this morning. Or it could be that they were on vacances scolaire, just like the rest of the Parisians. As all Frenchies know, everybody needs vacances, and that includes the doggie merde police.

Thankfully, after 7 years of experience jumping and skipping to avoid landing in les crottes de chien, my reflexes are in tip-top shape.  I thus arrived at work merde-free...which is more than I can say for that poor lady who was texting and walking... Ah que c'est bon d'être Parisienne...

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  1. Ha ha! Hilarious!
    But it's true, now that you mention it, I've seen quite a lot of merdes de chiens lately... It had gotten a little bit better though, these past 10 years (people don't want to pay for their dog shit)... Let's pray it's just the holiday time like you suggest ;)


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