Pilates Can You Save Me?

I can hardly take it anymore.  I've been trying very hard to follow my doctor's advice to ne rien faire - to do nothing- for quite some time now, in hopes that my herniated disc will chill the explicative out.

I don't do yoga. 
I don't go to dance.
I don't run.
I don't stretch.
I don't exercise.

In order to combat total depression, I...

...ride by bike with my back brace on and pretend like I'm getting exercise.

Yesterday, (after trying on an outfit in the horrible lighting that is the H&M dressing room and noticing that cellulite was taking over my life), I decided to do something.  So I busted out my handy Iphone and Googled "pilates workout". Since I'm not allowed to do yoga (forward bends are about the worst thing ever for my back, says Doctor), I figured that Pilates, which focuses on core strength (aka: back support!) would be a great, low impact, solution.

I found Erin Huggins and I think I may have a girl crush on her. I followed a few of her Youtube videos which were super easy to do in my minuscule living room, and it felt like I was in a class, but I didn't have to be on time or run home from work to change before getting there.  It's a win-win in my book.  

Here is the first video I tried:

Hopefully I've found the one thing that I can do while my back heals...we shall see.  Anyone else have experience with Pilates?  I have friends in Paris who teach Pilates, but I've mainly been a yoga person through the years. Would love any feedback on Erin's video!

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  1. I want to do some exercise too, and I regularly promise myself to start "today", but then I never have time to even pull out my exercice pad... pitiful! So, obviously, I can't advice you on Pilates. But the video is great and motivates me to try to try to try to exercice a little.

    PS: Let's see with those annoying caracters now...


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