La Dix-Huitième Liste

List 18 - Family Traditions

1. Cinnamon rolls on Christmas Day
2. After a year of Cheerios, the right to buy the sugar cereal of your choice on your birthday - we would peruse the cereal aisle for hours...Cookie Crisp? Honeycombs? Cinnamon Toast Crunch?! 
3. The Special Plate for birthday dinners, graduations or any other day when you were being celebrated
4. A birthday present next to our beds when we woke up on the morning
5. S'mores in Mexico around the campfire, long walks around the peninsula (plus, lots of Oreos throughout the week)

Cinnamon rolls rising on Christmas morning...

On a morning walk with my seeeester in Mexico


  1. Walking the cereal aisle trying to decide - classic!! I see my firsties do this every time they're presented with a decision about a treat!
    P.S. Did you make a decision about Pinterest? Do you need an invitation?

  2. There's nothing better than family traditions...

  3. If I get an invitation, will I be sucked in for life ...I'm very concerned about this! Maybe send me one just in case...hahaha


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