La Seizième Liste

List 16 - Pet Peeves

My mom told me that I would end up a lonely old woman if didn't work on being more tolerant...all because I was very vocal about my pet peeves as a high schooler. pffffffff - whatever.

If my mom's theory is right, I still may be on my way to lonely old-ladyhood...

1. Chewing with your mouth open (I used to get up and leave the dinner table to eat in my room - apparently my brother "couldn't breath" if he didn't open his mouth.)
2. Which brings me to my next pet peeve - breathing. Loud breathers be off with you! 
3. Any mouth noises whatsoever
4. Yeah, you - gum chewer
5. Yeah, you - peppermint cruncher
6. Popping jaws - often set off my chewing baguettes or other, chewy foods
7. Repetitive noises - AKA snifflers! throat clearers!
8. The sing-songy, horribly fake, "Au revoir!", very hip with the boulangères
9. Line-cutting French mamies (grandmas) - high populations found on the Côte d'Azur
10. Personal space invaders - get outta my bubble people!

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