La Vingtième Liste

List 20 - Favorite Memories

1. Snipe hunting with my dad - he should get an Oscar for his "I caught one!!!!" paper bag rustling charade.

2. Making dances in my garage. My mom would come and watch my creations.

3. Singing on my way to ballet with my uni roomie and BFF - we mastered all that was Alanis Morrisette and the Dixie Chicks. Sometimes pancake batter was involved.

5. My first glimpse of Copain.  (Let the record show that he first tried to tell me that his name was Ryan - horrible French accent and all. Thankfully his good looks made up for it).

6. Moving into my very own studio in Toulouse after a hellish year in a horrible ground-floor apartment with mold issues near a prostitute-infested bus stop.  I earned that studio.

7. All the times I've lost myself in a piece of choreography.

9. Pizza on beach towels in front of the TV on TGIF nights - Full House! Perfect Strangers! Family Matters! 

10. Running through Isla Vista in the pouring rain, splashing my three roomies with each passing puddle, and getting yelled at each time.  And I just kept on splashing...Wet Bandits Live!

They awarded me this magnet for my splashing...including their anatomically correct cat and elephant drawings.


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