Crazy American

I took a look at the scale last week and it was NOT GOOD. Like Oh-dear-god-how-did-that-happen NOT GOOD.

Was it an apero en trop? A bit too many peanut M&Ms from the work vending machine? Are my healthy muffins not really healthy? dude.

I went back to Mireille Guiliano's advice and decided to "faire attention" to what I was eating (easier said than done when your colleague offers you an almond financier! - and then I decided that I needed to put a little American fire under my derrière and actually exercise. At 10:30 on Saturday morning I was up and at 'em, gulped down my magic sève de bouleau, put on some stretchy pants and power-walked to my neighborhood park.  

The park was buzzing with parents, children, ping-pong players and the standard homeless guys sipping their mid-morning beers. Then there was me - the crazy American, doing laps, stopping at the one bird-poop free park bench for push-ups and squats, jammin' to my hip hop mix circa 2003. Don't worry, I wore sunglasses and kept my head down.

I could hardly get up (or down) the stairs of our apartment building on Sunday - my thighs hadn't made any effort besides my daily Velib ride to work in months, and I could feel the burn BIG TIME. I *may* have taken a Doliprane to ease the pain. Despite the crippling effects of my park session, it did feel good to exercise and to feel my muscles again. I wish I could just be 100% française and therefore, immune to calories and the salle de sport, but alas, I am American, rien à faire. 

I could hardly bike to work today, but that just means it's working right?


  1. I totally have the non-usable legs, too (but from my *I can run 5K with no practice* whim)! Every time I tried to sit today, I had to brace myself with my arms - my firsties were twelve kinds of confused. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Ah ah! Sounds familiar... I've been jogging these past weekends, 9:30 at the park, in the cold but feeling all happy to exercise and get some good energy! (i must admit that I feel like an American when I am jogging ;-) )
    As for keeping your head down, you should see how red my face gets when I run...

  3. At least I'm in good company!!! :-)


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