Homemade Deodorant Update

I know you've all been anxiously awaiting my homemade deodorant update - well wait no longer - I've come to a verdict!

Homemade deodorant rocks my world!

My first big "real day" try (ie: not sitting at home in my jammies) was last Monday. I armed myself with my homemade deo (just in case a reapply was all I needed), a pack of Wet Ones (just in case I needed a pit refresh mid-day, and my normal Dove anti-perspirant (just in case the above products failed and I had to whip out the big guns). 

Well, I am here to tell you that I didn't need ANY of my back up products! One application of my homemade deo took me through my ENTIRE day. I biked to work, had some stressful moments and even walked all the way home, and never once did I feel smelly or icky - and believe me, I checked - multiple times!

I went all week and even took a yoga class yesterday using just my homemade stuff - I'm telling you, it's amazing. I do sweat - don't get me wrong - but I don't smell. I made Copain take one for the team and stick his nose in my pit for double verification -  he confirmed that I was stink-free. What can I say, the man loves me. 

Everyone who I've shared this underarm brilliance with has generally laughed in my face and called me a weirdo (it's okay, I kind of am), but I have sparked some interest out there. My male colleague got a tester pot, compliments of yours truly and he's going to report back after a trial run. Copain tried it with me last weekend and it worked for him too.

I'll be packing it in my suitcase for the US and using my family as guinea pigs (get ready family!) - also, I'm thinking that if I can get through a 10-hour flight stink-free, I'll be 100% sold.

Anyone out there already tried something like this? I'm so curious! Help a weirdo out and report back!


  1. HELLO! :) I am glad to have found your blog. Are you still in Paris? I really enjoyed reading your about page, your story is so unique~!!!! And beautiful!!!

    I lived in Bordeaux for one year in 2011, now I'm back in New Zealand. However I'm coming back to France in May and will spend 2 weeks in Paris.

    Would you like to meet for coffee some time if you some spare time?

    I love to meet new interesting people.

    Best regards,


    blog: http://dakotad.com

    e-mail: dakotad.com@gmail.com :)

  2. Awesome! I refuse to use the shit that'll give me cancer (basically anything at the regular drugstore) but have been annoyed with the ineffectiveness of 'natural' brands. I'm not a particularly smelly person, so come ON *cough Tom's of Maine/Kiss My Face/Etc.* I should not be able to smell myself by 3 pm. I am totally going to try your recipe. I'm actually not shocked that it's working so well, as coconut oil is anti-fungal/bacterial (you know I love the stuff). I AM however quite impressed you've cracked the natural deodorant code. (We're weird in similar ways, perhaps?) I'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes. Excited!

  3. Bonjour Dakota! Thanks for the visit!

    I just checked out your photos and read a bit about your travels...I've been to Bordeaux but not New Zealand - yet:-)

    Life will surely be crazy in May, but feel free to contact me then - one never knows - and I always like a good cup of café and a chat :-)

    A bientôt!

  4. AM - I know! The natural brands DO NOT WORK - it's so irritating! I really hope this works for you, I've been using it ever since I posted the original post and I'm still loving it. So far, one dress I have shows if I sweat (maybe it's the cut?) - so I've taken to wearing a top underneath (it's cold in Paris, so it works out :-) Other than that, no problems, even if I do get a little sweaty sometimes. No stink, so no problem for me! (Plus I feel so much better being able to put a cross through antiperspirant in my life). Keep me posted!!


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