6am on a Saturday

After a lovely day with My Very Parisian Friend, full of delicious lentils and sausages,

 galettes des rois (I got the fève!)...

 and lots of cooing at baby Josephine,

I walked home through a pristine, snowy Paris...

It seemed like the perfect end to a rejuvenating day with my good friend and her adorable baby. I put on my pjs and got cosy in my bed...

Then at 6AM I heard keys in the door (Copain back from a a-hem, VERY late night out), Copain in the shower, Copain in the bed, Copain snoring, and then at 6:35AM WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP!!!!!! HIS STUPID ALARM!!!!!!! 

I yelled for him to turn it off three times before he even rolled over.

I tried to think relaxing thoughts, lull myself back to sleep. No such luck. I checked my emails, read a few blogs, looked at facebook - Sleep was NOT happening. AHHHHH!!!!! STUPID COPAIN COMING HOME AT 6AM AND HIS STUPID ALARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I did what any perfectly sane girlfriend would do:

I turned on all the lights, flipped on the radio, washed the dishes, did a load of laundry, set my alarm to go off at 10 minute intervals with sounds like "digital" and "timba"in the bedroom, and cleaned the house from top to bottom, making sure to be especially loud for the sleeping giant.  It's too bad our vacuum is broken, that would have added an extra je ne sais quoi.

When I couldn't take one more interval of "digital", I made a cup of espresso and sat on the taupe couch, Adele blasting from RTL2 morning wake-up radio.

I'm still a bit reeling if you can't tell - perhaps it's my triple espresso. What irritates me the most is that what could have been a cosy morning in bed with snow outside, has turned into the most annoying morning of my life. After a week of nothing but stress, all I wanted was to relax into the weekend. 

Merci Copain, merci a whole lot.

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  1. I die! So funny! P.S. Good luck on the search for a new place! Pictures! Pictures!


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