L'Amour est dans le Boitier

Early last week I got a text from my friend Cécile, of Mortelle Soirée fame: 

Hellooo, un copain comédien m'a offert des places pour aller voir jeudi soir, "l'amour est dans le boitier"au zèbre de Belleville - dites moi si ça vous intéresse! Hello, an actor friend gave me tickets to see "L'Amour est dans le Boitier" (Love is in the Remote Control - for lack of a better translation) at the Zebre de Belleville - let me know if you guys wanna go!

How could I say no to a show that sounds like my favorite TV show in the whole wide world??? Copain was busy working, so I asked a friend who lives near the Zèbre theatre to come with me. Her first response was - what a cheesy name for a show - and she's right - but by the end of the night, we were both dancing along with the Wifi and ADSL fairies, having memorized the choreography about five minutes into the show.

Basically, this is a "choose your own adventure" romantic comedy - the audience sits at tables, cabaret-style, and has to decide at various intervals, how the story should go. Each table gets a remote control and one song + choreography performed by fairies to make their decision. Then the totals are added up and projected onto a large screen onstage. The actors are hilarious, the Wifi fairies are my absolute favorite, and they have a bar open before the show starts - plus, they encourage choreography participation ...um, what's not to love?

If you have a free night and are looking for something fun to do, go and see l'Amour est dans le Boitier - I got free tickets, but I can tell you now that I would have paid to see this show. So funny!!! (also, a great way to meet people since you have to talk to the other people at your table to make a choice).

I texted Cécile back after the show:

Trop fort! On a adoré! (So good! We loved it!)

She replied:

J'espère que vous avez fait la choré:-)) (I hope you did the choreography:-))

She knows me well that Cécile...

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