Me Day

Saturday was a me day. I could tell I needed to get the heck out of dodge and just be with me. You know those kinds of days?

Saturday also happened to be my copine's birthday, and we decided that we would treat ourselves to a hammam, just like we did last winter.  It was such an amazing day that we knew it was a perfect way to spend a Saturday, chill out and feel pampered from head to toe.  

We chose the Hammam de Pacha this time, which did not have the same ambiance as the quaint Bains Montorgeuil, but we still enjoyed ourselves, ate a piping hot chicken tagine, drank freshly-squeezed juices, and came out with clean baby skin and fleur d'oranger-smelling hair. 

Like last year, we followed our spa day with shopping for kitchen stuff for my copine's new house, and I admired all of the things that I want to buy but didn't, because of my relationship with things. I was able to let go for a quick trip to Habitat, where I got a thrill out of buying new bed sheets that were on sale (to match the new pillow and mattress pad that I just purchased on vente-privée!...I really am 30, aren't I??)

My copine had dinner plans with her kids, so I wandered around the rive gauche, in and out of shops, making mental lists of all of the things that I will buy one day, when I don't live in a teeny Parisian apartment...

wine glasses, a teapot, nice plates and bowls, espresso cups with funky patterns, a large, plush rug....I could go on and on....

Don't even get me started on all of the amazing couches I saw at Habitat - I don't know why I torture myself so.

At any rate, I was going to head home, but my growling tummy told me that sushi was a better idea. I found a table for one at Sushi House, ordered a huge bâteau all to myself, and sipped my kir as I topped each roll with mounds of ginger and wasabi. 

My day ended on the phone as I walked home and chatted with my copine d'enfance - poor girl was home with the stomach flu after spending the night before up with her one-year old, also fighting the same bug. (I know how that goes - minus the sick kiddo part). She laughed and told me that I really was old, having chosen a quiet night with myself, rather than having made plans. She totally understood why that sounded absolutely perfect. And that's why we're good friends.

(Then she had to run and pray to the porcelain gods - and forgot to take me off speaker phone :-) )  

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