In May, my cousin and his wife are going to have not one, but two new babies. TWO BABIES!

That's a lot of babies. A lot. Capital A.

I found out while I was on the way to meet My Very Parisian Friend's new baby...very auspicious me thinks. This is how they broke the news:

What's crazy is that there is no doubt that there are two little beans in there - two babies, just hangin' out, waiting to grow and all that good stuff. We were all in shock- I mean, TWO BABIES. Craziness! How are you gonna? What are you gonna? deep breath, start over. Twins!!

But once the shock wore off, we've been nothing but excited - thinking of names, talking about how they're going to do it, two cribs, two baby bjorns, two of everything...

Our big question was - two girls? two boys? one of each? My mom and sister put together a little baby celebration table while my cousin and cousin inlaw went for their ultrasound to find out the sexes of the babes! How cute is this?

note the various cupcake combinations - they really thought of everything
side note: yes, those are potatoes with ribbons on the cake stand - the babies were the size of potatoes on that particular day haha

Drum roll please - they are both girls! More baby girls! 

Proud momma on Christmas day in the states (I got regular photo updates from the fam)

Which means that my cousin will be the only guy in a family of girls - and that my little cousin- their oldest daughter, will be a big sister for the first time.

She got a card from me when we found out that babies were on the way...I'm the big sister in my family too. It's an important role if I do say so myself ;-)

It's a bummer to be far away - I can't see the bump or go shopping for baby stuff, but those babies can count on some cute Parisienne outfits from their Auntie Cannes Cannes :-)

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