30 Days of Lists is Back!

I'm super late to jump on the train, but 30 Days of lists is back for March and I'm on it - enfin. Since it's now March 9th, I'll have to catch up, so here we go!

La Première Liste:

I am a Lister Because:

1. I am a Type-A control freak - listing keeps everything nice and tidy!

2. If I write it down, I can let it go.

3. Who doesn't like checking things off the list?!

La Deuxième Liste:

About Me:

1. Expat
2. Lover of *most* things French
3. Blogger
4. Blog-reader
5. Mover
6. Worrier
7. In need of some good ol' concrete decision making!

La Troisième Liste:

This_____, I am going to ________:

1. This afternoon, I am going to FNAC with Copain to look at a new amazing camera for our upcoming summer vacation - we are thinking Bali!

2. This weekend I am going to have brunch at Pause Café - can't wait to try a new one (Paris Eats post coming right up!)

3. This month I'm going to buy new cups. And maybe some other things too...

4. This year I'm going to do some moving and some shaking in my life - operation new apartment and moving forward may commence!!!

La Quatrième Liste:

On an average day I...

1. Drink three cups of coffee.

2. Think about my future apartment.

3. Feel tired.

4. Am happy to be a Véliber.

5. Consider parting my hair down the middle - then think better of it.

6. Read posts from my favorite bloggers.

7. Feel guilty about skipping yoga.

La Cinquième Liste

Things I would like to do/accomplish by the end of this month:

1. Decide where Copain and I will go next - buy or rent buy or rent.  (Which means sending in our notice letter to our apartment agency!!!!)

2. Get our summer vacation in the works.

3. Find out about Gym Suedoisse classes near my house - and do a trial class (I've heard such good things!)

La Sixième Liste

My Talents:

1. Planning
2. Organizing
3. Troubleshooting
4. Making a delicious cup of coffee
5. Stressing about nothing
6. Seeing the funny

La Septième Liste

In my bag:

1. Handy dandy credit card holder
2. Coin purse from Mexico circa 1989 that needs replacing
3. Stamps
4. Just in Case pouch - bandaids, tampons (duh), aspirin, hand lotion, chapstick, hair tie, bobby pins...
5. Iphone, work Iphone
6. Kleenex
7. Velib pass
8. Metro tickets
9. Keys to my apartment
10. Mints
11. Receipts, trash, lists...and a bunch of other junk that's weighing me down!

La Huitième Liste

Comfort Foods:

1. Coffee
2. Bread with butter butter butter
3. Pasta and pesto with lots of parmesan
4. Cinnamon rolls
5. Anything with cinnamon
6. Mint and chip ice cream
7. Hawaiian pizza

So to sum it all up: CARBS!!

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