La Quinzième Liste

List Fifteen: Ways I Save Money

1. I bring lunch to work instead of buying everyday (yay for Tupperware!)
2. Though we get our own main dishes, Copain and I often share a starter and share dessert (plus, it's healthier!)
3. We buy a lot of the grocery store brand products (unless the name brand is much better...)
4. We don't pay for a gazillion TV channels (much to Copain's dismay)
5. I give myself home-pedicures and manicures (unless I'm feeling especially in need of pampering)
6. When we hit up a Starbucks on the weekend, we share a Venti intead of each getting a Tall.
7. My next save money venture: getting Copain to buy my Clarks summer sandals in London next time he's there - they are almost half price when compared to Paris prices!

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