Dans les Rues de Paris - Le Printemps

My parents have called me Bug for as long as I can remember. My first birthday cake was in the shape of a ladybug, and when my Dad needs help with something, he usually calls out to me, "Hey Bug, can you get me that dish towel?" It's how it's always been.

So it was most definitely a good omen that this lovely Parisian ladybug - coccinelle- was hanging out near Place des Vosges on rue Pas de la Mule.

Copain saw her first:

She was stuck on a fence, so he took her to the park...

Where she flew away into a tree...where she would be happier.

Our walk continued to the Seine...

Where all the Parisians had flown to - because it was happier in the sun, near the water, the bikers, the roller bladers, and the trees, just starting to blossom for spring.

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