All I can think about is scratching the upper half of my back, right below my neck. Why, you may ask-

Because I have a sunburn! A SUNBURN!

Normally, I would not be proud of this news. The girl who wears SPF 45 face cream every single day of the year, the one who recently invested in a wide-brimmed sun hat...

BUT - after 6 months of nothing but cold, rain, sleet and snow, I am ROCKIN this sunburn.

Parisians are finally alive again! I walked around my quartier in ballerines and leggings, enjoying the vide grenier, wishing I could buy this set of dishes and that old telephone from the fifties, then I plopped on a patch of grass read my book at Place des Vosges. It was such an amazingly sunny day that I  officially declared it "OK to Have Two Ice Creams Day".  As I meandered from the 11th to the Marais, I made sure that every street I walked on was sunny.

I also got right down to celebrating OK to Have Two Ice Creams Day - my first ice cream was mango, banana and coconut in a bowl, and my second was speculoos, chocolate chip and rhum raisin in a cone. Ahh, bliss.

I didn't even care that the kids playing in fountains were probably going to get some strange mutating diseases - part of me wanted to jump in and splash right along with them. 

Some American tourists were sitting behind me on the grass talking about their plan for the day. One turned to the other and said, "Everyone is just so happy."

Exactly - that's exactly right.


  1. What's not to be happy about?!? You hit four out of five of my top Happiness factors! Only thing missing was either a fabulous cup of coffee or a mid-day glass of wine to really feel like life is good!! You NEEDED this day......as did Paris!! Xoxo

  2. Oh I added the glass of wine as I typed the blog! Check! hahaha


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