My Relationship with Things - Part Deux

Thank god for girlfriends. 

I called my copine d'enfance after the ridiculous cup issues I had been having a few weeks ago. She was having an equally bad day, and as we laughed and cried over our ridiculousness, she came up with this great advice:

After every paycheck, just get one house thing that makes you happy.  Stop thinking it out so much (AKA obsessing) and just BUY THE DARN THING. 

So, last Thursday, I bought  Hema mugs.  It made me so happy to have 4 matching mugs, that on Friday I bought Hema wine glasses

Then I thought about getting a fifth Hema mug, just in case one broke. 

In the meantime, I started checking out Vente Privée on a regular basis...and ordered a Guy Degrenne "New Club" silverware set (that just arrived this week!). 

I was so inspired by my new things, that I decided that I must have bowls as well. So this Friday, I bought five yellow and blue Hema bowls. (And while I was there, I got that fifth mug I had been thinking about). 

Basically, I can't stop myself.

I've been so obsessed with NOT buying things that make me happy in my teeny Parisian mouse hole, that now that I've allowed myself the pleasure, I just can't seem to slow it down.

Proof: I'm typing this blog post by the lovely glow of my new taupe Asian lantern with cutouts, that casts soft shadows on my bare white walls.

Now if only I had an apartment big enough to invite people over for dinner...

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