Going to bed at 11:30 and waking up at 10am was a good sign that I was exhausted from my crazy work week.  I'd been eating gross triangle sandwiches for lunch in the land of delicious baguette just because it was fast and easy; getting up at the crack of dawn and getting home two hours before bed meant that dinner consisted of whatever was left over in the fridge.  

I'd been on my feet for 5 days straight and Copain, love that he is, massaged them every night.

So I should have been grateful when he got up this morning and did all of our marché shopping and then all of our grocery shopping too - even when I told him that I would do it.  Instead, I complained that the tea wasn't the right kind and the pasta was macaroni and not bow ties. Being tired makes me mean.

I grabbed my grocery bag and headed over to my local supermarket to fix the "problem". As I walked into the store,  I realized this: grocery shopping makes me feel like a real person again.  When my personal life gets put on hold because I'm working around the clock, grocery shopping brings me back. What food should we eat? What sounds good? Maybe I'll make this for lunch today...all of the thoughts that got pushed to the wayside last week. 

It's silly, I know, but somehow just one hour of doing something simple, like choosing which cheese and yogurts I want for the week, make me feel normal - finally. I had actually needed to do the grocery shopping today.

When I came back, I made an omelette for lunch and a fruit shake for dessert. I watched a TV show and ran an errand. I made myself a cup of tea. We're seeing friends tonight for a apero.

It's those simple things that I miss when I'm running like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to ignore the twitch in my left eye from lack of sleep. 

Who knew that grocery shopping could be so therapeutic.


  1. I love grocery shopping ... this week I just wandered around Sprouts brainstorming what I wanted to put in homemade chicken soup.

    It's *almost* like being creative :)

  2. Agreed! One of my fave things to do is walk around the organic food store - makes me so happy. Copain is always calling me to check in- where are you??!!! Oh just taking two hours to wander food aisles, no big deal....


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