The If Only...

It was a 1960's building - if only the outside was more charming.

It had a gardien and an elevator, even a little garden to look onto from the living room window - if only the hallways weren't so dingy.

It was in a perfect location - the 20th arrondissement of Paris - right near a metro, surrounded by the city buzz - if only the bedroom windows didn't give onto the busy street.

It had 55 square meters of floor space, including a covered terrace - if only you didn't have to go through the second bedroom to get to it.

Yes, it had TWO bedrooms - just what we need! If only you could fit a bed in the larger one without blocking the window-doors to the covered terrace. If only you couldn't see through those doors into the smaller, second bedroom. 

It had a parking spot included in the purchase - if only we had a car.

It was free of furniture and personal items since the owner had moved his things to his primary residence in Switzerland - if only the apartment felt more homey.

It had radiators in the floors and ceilings for communal heat - if only you didn't have to break the floor and the ceiling in the event that it needed repairs.

It had lots of potential, if only it had been clear to us as we stood there staring at the weird-shaped bedrooms, the funky terrace, the water damage in the closet left un-repaired, the ugly archway they'd installed between the kitchen and the living room...

So we left.

And we talked about it on our way to dinner. 

Was it a coup de coeur for you? No. You? No. 

But it's 55 meters squared! and it has a parking spot! and it's in an amazing location! ....

But how do we fit a bed in that room? What is up with that terrace? Why is the neighbor's door directly across from ours? The homeowner's fees are outrageous!!

Maybe we should think about it. Okay, we'll think about it. 

And I'm still thinking about it. But I know it wasn't the one. 

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