Summer in Paris

Despite my (almost!) 9 years in France, it always baffles me that many businesses just close for big chunks of the summer. 

Who cares about making money - les vacances are sacred. As you walk around town, you'll often see these (very professional) signs, posted in the windows:

OK, I guess we can give them three days...

Modified hours in August - because really, who is going to be in before 11am anyways?

Have a great vacation (AKA: Peace out)! Back on August 20th!

Paper and duct tape, posting material of champions!

 (From Aug 02 to Aug 29, closed at midday, open at 7pm. Closed on Sundays too).
Why serve lunch, when you can only serve dinner? 

And then you have your lone rangers who stick around and soak in the tourist market!

The boutique is open ALL SUMMER! (what a concept!!!)

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