Le Marron

When autumn comes around each year, I bake my morning muffins, put cinnamon in everything, light candles, drink more tea and love the feeling of cozy. - cozy sweaters, cozy socks, cozy blankets in front of all the new shows that are on French TV. I also celebrate the end of swamp ass.

The French do all these things too, I'm sure, but one thing they have that's new to me is le marron. 

I've always known that My Very Parisian Friend collected them because her mother used to give her one at the beginning of l'automne. She still collects them now in memory of her. What I didn't know was that lots of Frenchies pick up the first marron of the season and keep it in their pockets as a porte bonheur - a good luck charm. 

So far, I have been the recipient of two marrons - one from my essential-oil-loving colleague who had picked one up on her way back from lunch, and one from Copain as we walked through the Bois de Vincennes yesterday.  

I haven't picked up my own marron yet, but I love the ones I've been given. It's a simple reminder that the seasons are changing; a lovely little tradition that I'm going to add to my autumn list of things to look forward to.  


  1. Autumn....and this little tradition......Le Bonheur! Xoxo


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