Le Mur

It's strange how well I know my neighbors given that I've never formally met them, nor do I know their names.

I did see them once, when our upstairs neighbor's washing machine caught on fire and we all met in the hall as the Pompiers de Paris  ran up and down the stairs carrying charred machinery. So, I know that a couple lives next door. I even offered for them to use my shower when I learned that their water and electricity had to be shut off, due to the incendie.

I say this, because what I do know about them goes waaaay beyond names, jobs and all the other superficial information we offer to strangers.

And it's all because of le mur

The wall.

As you know, Copain and I live in a teeny Parisian apartment, on the 5th floor of  a very old walk-up. As a result, the walls are verrrry thin and unfortunately, it means that we learn more about our neighbors than one would ever want to know.

Le mur that we share with our neighbors is our bedroom wall, and from what I can tell, their bedroom wall as well...

So far, we know that they really like music. They may even be singers or musicians of some sort. Music happens all the time, no matter the hour. They may even hold rehearsals in their apartment, given the melodies we hear through le mur.

They have lots of friends and host lots of parties - which can get annoying at 2am, when Granny Cannes Cannes wants to sleep.

Beyond their musical expression and social lives, is the fighting - a lot of fighting. Screaming, yelling, the works. It's a turbulent relationship to say the least.

Why do they fight? Well, as of last week, I know that it's because the girl made a *ahem*, video, for an ex-boyfriend, that the current boyfriend is not fond of.  There were photos too. It's a mess. Current boyfriend is VERY upset about it, and thinks that ce n'est pas normal - it's not normal. I know, because I heard the whole fight through le mur as I was trying to fall asleep.

Not to worry though, they must have gotten over it, because just two nights ago, they made up. Twice.

It was ever so slightly disturbing. 

This is why we can never be friends with our neighbors here. Ce n'est pas possible. It's just not possible. I mean, how could you ever invite someone over for an apéritif, knowing all the while that a video is floating around cyberspace and that they may have made their own the night before?

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