Overnight Oats

I've been meaning to try overnight oats for about a year now, and I finally did, last night. (What does this say about my follow through?)

In any case, it is pretty much the easiest thing in the entire world, and now that I've eaten it, I can also tell you that it's scrumptious as well.

I was inspired to try when I found a leftover, empty jam jar that Copain had apparently saved. While my first reaction was to recycle it (we need more space for the random Tefal tupperware he just bought!), instead I remembered overnight oats, and gave it a try.

Overnight Oats à la French Cannes Cannes:

- oats - avoine (a little under half of the jar)
- sliced banana
-crème de coco
-spoon of honey

I shook it up and let it sit in the fridge overnight. This is what it looked like in the morning:

It definitely wasn't as pretty as all of the examples you can find online (probably due to the shaking!), but the taste was great! I'm a convert.

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