They're Baaaaaaaaaack

I guess it might be odd to pick mosquitoes as my first blog topic, but seriously they are all I can think about right now.

If I had a dollar for every mosquito bite I had....I'd have EIGHT dollars! EIGHT! That's almost enough to go to a movie these days. (though maybe not in Cannes)

You might wonder why I am covered in red welty (is that even a word?) bumps - and here my friends, is the answer: French people don't believe in screens on their windows. Therefore, any and all bugs flying around central Cannes come to camp out at my house.

I have tried the counter attack - closing all the windows past 7pm and dealing with the nasty heat, scanning the walls for plotting campers and killing them with one of my many brooms, using my Raid plug in close to my bed and trying not to think about the cancerous fumes I must be inhaling - NOTHING WORKS. They STILL GET ME!

I'm starting to think they've built a nest under my bed -- do mosquitoes have nests? It's come to the point that I might even go out and buy Deet or whatever the French version of that stuff is, and slather it on myself at night. I might create a citronella themed bedroom with Raid plug-ins for added decor elements....you think I'm joking - I'm not joking.

I know that living in Toulouse had it's downsides too - No airflow at night in my attic apartment, summer heat that required SPF 50 on a mild day, nose plugs on stinky buses and metros, and baked dog poop on the side of the rue. But Toulouse DID NOT have what Cannes seems to have a plethera of - mosquitoes! At least in Toulouse I was bite and welty bump free!

If anyone has amazing advice on how to avoid the Cannes Mosquito Attack, I'm all ears. Please, help. For the love of calamine lotion, help.

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