Will Work for... Iphone?

I generally take the same route to work every day - it takes me about five mintues to walk from my front door to my office. Amazing, I know.

Almost everyday there is what I have assumed to be a homeless man on my neighbor's stoop. He has a backpack and headphones and just chills there as I walk on by in a rush because let's face it, I'm always running late.

Sometimes he talks to the garbage man or the street sweepers...but other than that he's just kind of there. I couldn't even tell you what he does there because he's never doing anything. It's weird.

Today, however, I noticed him. Today he completely took me off guard. As I walked down my street and discretely looked to my right, there he was, local homeless guy - with an IPHONE?????? Yes ladies and gents, local homeless man who chills on my street every morning rain or shine has an iphone. Whaaaaa??

If I ever thought about giving him a euro, that completely killed it. Iphone??!!! What about food? What about shelter? Iphone??!!

I'm at a loss for words.

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